Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car to a Salvage Yard

All cars eventually reach a point at which it’s not financially prudent to repair the problems they develop. When you find yourself in the position of owning such a car, you need to decide how to dispose of the car properly. Scrap yards are ready to buy your car from you to reuse and recycle as many materials as possible. Here are some of the parts of your car that might still have life in them.

Junk Car


Even if your tires have gotten pretty bald, a company that buys junk cars Sussex County NJ can make use of them. They contain plenty of rubber that is still useful. This rubber is recycled into materials such as asphalt, mulch for gardens and playgrounds, and railroad ties. Using old tires this way keeps them out of landfills and reduces the amount of raw materials that need to be used to manufacture these new items.


Sometimes a car is scrapped, but the battery is still in good working condition. In this case, the battery can be removed and resold. This can be a financial benefit to the person who needs a replacement battery and also wants to save money. If the battery is no longer working, the scrap yard is required to safely remove all toxic materials from it and properly dispose of them to avoid environmental contamination. In addition, the lead in dead batteries can be removed and used to make new batteries.


Steel and iron comprise the majority of the materials on a car, so removing and recycling as much metal as possible is beneficial environmentally and financially. In addition, the aluminum in a car can be recycled to make new car wheels and other parts. Much of the recycled metal from cars is used to make new cars, but it can also be used to make appliances, bridges, and many other items.

When your car has reached the end of its working life, consider selling it to a scrap company. Many of its parts can be reused.

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