What to Pack for a Family Camping Trip

If getting your family out of the house has become a priority, take a camping trip. Many national parks are open, offering you a chance to get away from quarantines and back to nature, where you don’t need to wear a mask. You’ll still need them for interactions during supply runs or at gas stations, so take some along. For other trip essentials, it helps to make a list, like the following.

What to Pack for a Family Camping Trip

Before You Go

The most important item on any checklist is ensuring your vehicle is up for the job. If you’ve been putting off repairs, take care of them first. Order diesel engine replacement parts well in advance, so you can feel confident in getting there and back without a breakdown.

Sleeping Arrangements

Tents and sleeping bags are at the core of your shelter needs. Tents are available in sizes to fit any family, from small, two-people shelters to massive enclosures with a separating wall. Make sleepouts more comfortable with air mattresses, pillows and plenty of blankets.

Clothing and Accessories

Along with enough clothing to get you through, be sure to pack extra socks and shoes, just in case. Always take a sweater or jacket in case the weather turns cool. Other musts include sunglasses for your activities, hats, gloves, swimsuits and water shoes.

Toolbox Items

A toolbox should carry the basics, such as a hammer, saw, hatchet, tape, pocketknife and rope. Include a flashlight, lantern, hiking stick and canteen or water bottles to take along on hikes. A water purifier is also a good idea.

Kitchen and Food

Pack easy-to-fix foods like hotdogs, chili and sandwich fixings, and investigate whether you’ll need a stove. Along with dishes and utensils, throw in skewers, can openers, tongs and a chef’s knife. Aluminum foil, paper towels, cooking oil and seasoning are also essential.

Whether you need a break from the coronavirus or just love to camp, start with good planning. A good checklist will help you pack the things you need to have a great time.

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