Tips to Clean Your Car Quickly

Your car seems to fill up with stuff and crumbs overnight. You promise yourself you’ll keep up with it, but it’s never the highest priority on your to-do list. Getting your car detailed would make it feel shiny and new. They vacuum every crevice, polish every surface and leave your windows crystal clear. But it’s also expensive. How can you get your automotive interiors Milan MI clean quickly so that you can do it regularly? Try these speed-cleaning tips.

Tips to Clean Your Car Quickly

Clear the Clutter

If you have kids, you know they love taking things into the car, but rarely out of the car. Grab a large container and fill it with everything that doesn’t belong in your car. Set that aside for later. If there are car seats in your car, take them out so you can clean under them. You’ll find more crumbs there than you thought possible.

Clean the Smooth Surfaces

A damp rag is often enough to wipe the dust from the dashboard, steering wheel, and even leather seats. Once these are free of dust and crumbs, you can turn to the windows. They probably don’t need to be cleaned every time you do a quick tidy of your car — except the one next to where your toddler sits — but when they do, you can use any glass cleaner, or a simple mix of vinegar and water, with a lint-free rag to give them a once-over.

Clean the Fabric Surfaces

Fabric seats and floor carpet trap a great deal of crumbs and dirt. Even a hurried pass over them can make your car look much cleaner. If you keep a small vacuum in your car, go ahead and use that to pick up the debris. If not, a lint roller is an excellent tool to grab all those little particles of food, dust, and the great outdoors. Roll it over the surfaces and toss the used sheet in the trash.

Though it seems daunting to deep clean your car, giving it a regular, quick touch-up can keep it feeling a little tidier and calmer.

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