Three Reasons Why Confined Space Rescue Training is a Must for Your Worksite

Miners, oil drillers, construction contractors and others can find themselves in tight spaces as a result of their jobs. Even when all workspaces are kept safe and OSHA compliant, accidents can happen and employees can be endangered by confined work environments. Offering confined space rescue training as part of workplace training can help keep employees safe and work flowing smoothly.

Use Your Own People

One of the biggest advantages of offering rescue training for tight spaces is the ability to keep safety procedures in-house. Instead of hiring a third-party safety consultant, training employees in rescue procedures and appointing several security officers keeps costs down and strengthens workplace culture, while bringing this training on-site eliminates employee travel costs and allows companies to tailor training to each specific job site.

Comply with Regulations

OSHA compliance is important on any job site. Finding a company offering OSHA-compliant confined space rescue training will ensure your safety procedures are up-to-code at all times. Keeping your worksite compliant will help reduce fines and penalties if an emergency happens.

Engage in Hands-On Learning

As previously mentioned, bringing rescue training on-site allows you to tailor training to your specific job site. This kind of training also allows employees to understand how rescue training fits into the complex everyday operations of their worksite.

Teaching employees how to perform rescue procedures from a book may help them feel like they understand, but until they’re faced with an emergency situation in real life, they won’t know how everything comes together. On-site rescue training for confined spaces can give employees the essential hands-on experience they need to be prepared if and when an emergency happens for real.

It’s important to keep employees trained and ready for anything, especially in an environment that includes complex equipment, detailed work and tight work environments. Providing rescue training for employees, especially in regards to enclosed spaces, can prepare them for the worst and keep your workplace safe, efficient and compliant with all regulations.

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