The Different Types of Liquor Permits in Texas Explained

In order to sell liquor in Texas, an application must be approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Unfortunately, there is more than one type of permit you can obtain depending on the facility, length of time and use. Here’s a brief list of the available permits.

Daily Temporary

TABC licensing for daily temporary use is available as a Daily Temporary Private Club Permit or a Daily Temporary Mixed Beverage Permit. Both permits are useful for holding a political party candidate picnic or party. Civic organizations and religious organizations can use these as well for their events. However, the Private Club Permit only allows two events per the calendar year while the Mixed Beverage Permit may be granted up to ten times a year.

Mixed Beverage

A Mixed Beverage Permit comes in three available options. For those wanting to sell alcohol between midnight and 2 AM, a Late Hours Permit is necessary. Restaurants wanting to serve from the same bottle of wine to multiple patrons need a Restaurant Permit with FB. Hotels wanting to offer a minibar in their hotel rooms need a regular Mixed Beverage Permit.

Distiller Permits

For those wanting to create their own alcoholic beverages, a Distiller’s and Rectifier’s Permit is necessary. This permit allows the creation of liquor through the entire process including packaging. Distributors would need a separate permit to operate.

Package Store

Receive a Package Store Permit for various liquors used for off-site consumption or one for wine only. Tasting companies need a Package Store Tasting Permit to offer samples of wine, beer or liquor to their patrons.

Additional Options

Nonresidents, promotional companies and wholesalers need their own special permits. Even private clubs have specific permits for their locations. Then there are beer licenses to contend with as well. Failure to have the right permit can end up costing the business a hefty fine and potentially shut-down.

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