preparing for the second check: the magical forest adventurous

preparing for the second test: the magical forest adventurous

when embarking on the quest of our lives, the initial check is generally acquiring the courage to escape the ease and comfort and safety of home, and the guardianship of our mother and father.

the second check is in a sense, then, wherever the actual journey starts. it is acquiring the initial route your lifestyle will get, and there are generally many twists and turns, helpers, companions, obstructions, foes, and puzzles to unravel together the way …

no matter whether it is higher education, a career, a marriage, or something else —
this is the forest adventurous.


Our Day by day Challenge: Escape


the geek behind the curtain: all pictures and layers in this assemblage have been taken and designed by myself.

1 candid, hand-held, stage-and-shoot shot from the medieval faire, 1 layer of blur, 1 texture layer cut into three items and blended variously into the main impression.

the colorful blobs are other faire-goers who’ve been blurred and cloned a little bit till they resemble will-o-the-wisps or some other strange magic at the threshold of our heroine’s journey.

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