Make Your Own Boat Safety Kit

Boat Safety Kit

When inventorying boat supplies, most boat owners know what they need in terms of meeting state and federal boating safety requirements. Flotation gear such as life jackets (one per person) and throw cushions, marine fire extinguishers, communication and signaling equipment such as cellphones and flares, and first aid kits are just a few things every boat owner must have before hitting the water.

It’s also a good idea to have a safety kit on hand to supplement your first aid kit. These kits contain items that can help you be prepared for most situations. When putting together a safety kit, consider the following items.

Trash Bags, Zip Ties, and Duct Tape

These three items can serve many purposes. Trash bags are for trash, or course, but you can also use them to store wet clothes. Zip ties and duct tape can be used to secure almost anything.

Extra Clothing and Towels

A change of clothes will be welcomed if you find yourself unexpectedly wet. A light windbreaker and emergency blanket can be handy when weather turns bad. Towels can be used for drying off and plugging holes or soaking up water that has seeped into the boat.

Tool Kit

A basic tool kit is invaluable. To determine what tools you might need, survey your boat and look for mechanical areas and what would be required to work on them. Don’t forget to include a flashlight and fresh batteries. Even better would be a hand-crank flashlight. A good boating knife is essential. It might also be a good idea to have a pair of goggles in case you need to go underwater to inspect your boat.

There are many other items that could be included in your kit based on your boat and personal needs. Once you’ve sorted out your safety kit, put everything in a dry storage box or bags and keep it with your boat.

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