Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology

Failures to replicate and null findings are not necessarily surprises” provided the untrustworthiness of the clinical psychology literature. Offering such a ghetto is APA’s alternative to acceptance of a Pottery Barn rule, whereby if JCCP publishes a clinical trial, it incurs an obligation to publish attempted replications, regardless of irrespective of whether outcomes are constant with the study being replicated.

Description: The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology examines the remedy and care of diverse patient groups. Statistics about the price of acceptance of letters to the editor are not offered, but accounts from colleagues recommend that criticisms of basic flaws in articles that have been published are suppressed. Publication of flawed research in JCCP go on detected and unannounced, except by way of alternative post publication peer evaluation, outside the journal, such as PubMed Commons comments and blogging.

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Clinical psychology has higher get in touch with than character and social psychology with the biomedical literature, exactly where untrustworthy findings can have far more critical implications for health and mortality. Initiatives such as this call for papers are a distraction from the urgent need to clean up the clinical psychology literature. The journal also publishes research of different populations with a clinical interest, such as health-related sufferers, ethnic minorities, persons with serious mental illness, and community samples.Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology

But possessing been granted peer-reviewed” status in a much more prestigious journal, the original articles are automatically granted much more credibility than the failure to replicate them. Questionable analysis practices (QRPs) in clinical psychology are maintained and amplified by questionable publication practices (QPPs). Locating certain articles in electronic bibliographic searches is usually fortuitous. In response to repeated demonstrations of untrustworthy findings, healthcare journals have mandated reforms such as preregistration, CONSORT checklists for reporting, transparency of procedures and outcomes using supplements, declarations of conflicts of interest, and requirements for the routine sharing of data.

JCCP is not a journal hospitable to post-publication peer overview.

The untrustworthiness in clinical psychological science is significant, but different than that of personality and social psychology, and the crisis it poses demands different solutions. Without the need of journal reform, publication in JCCP represents a biased sampling of evidence for distinct psychotherapies with a powerful confirmation bias. In a study reported in Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, maladaptive thinking and behaviors had been described as important contributors to CG. The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) was compared with nonspecific supportive counseling (SC).

Nevertheless, untrustworthy findings in clinical psychology – irrespective of whether they are exaggerated or basically false – can translate into ineffective and even harmful solutions being delivered, along with poor commitment of scarce resources to exactly where they are needed significantly less. The premier psychology journal for publishing randomized trials is Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Featured articles deal with the development, validity, and use of diagnostic tactics and therapies for disordered behavior.

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But the critical challenge in the creation such ghettos is that they decrease stress on the APA vanity journal, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology to reform questionable publication practices and routinely accept replications and null findings. The existence of such a ghetto to which these papers can be herded requires stress off the vanity JCCP to reform its publication practices. We require to confront directly JCCP‘s policy of limiting publication to articles that are newsworthy and that claim to be revolutionary, at the expense of getting robust and solid clinical psychological science.

Factors for the failure to replicate previously published clinical trials frequently lie in the conduct and reporting of the original studies themselves. Note for instance, the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine warning that routine sharing of data from clinical trials would create analysis parasites” who would place the data to unique purposes than intended by the original authors. JCCP is not a journal hospitable to post-publication peer assessment.

Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology – The untrustworthiness in clinical psychological science is really serious, but distinct than that of character and social psychology, and the crisis it poses demands different solutions.

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