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At Gastroenterology Consultants we are devoted to the diagnosis, remedy and care of digestive and liver illnesses. Dr. Halterman enjoys all elements of gastroenterology and hepatology. For the duration of his education, he encountered various brilliant faculty members that sparked his interest and encouraged him to pursue a career in gastroenterology and liver disorders. Dr. James Doyle moved to Reno, Nevada, in October of 2016 to join the physicians of Gastroenterology Consultants.Gi Consultants Carson City

He joined Dr. Victor K. Chen in performing EUS procedures at Renown South Meadows Medical Center. If this is your first pay a visit to, you can count on the appointment to final 30 to 60 minutes, and the gastroenterologist will use this time to gather detailed healthcare information and facts about your existing troubles and past health-related history. His interest in GI and the encouragement by his mentors led him to the west coast, where he completed his fellowship coaching in GI. Dr. Halterman moved to Reno in September 2011 to be closer to family members and to start his practice with Gastroenterology Consultants.

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ADRIFT is the unforgettable story about the resilience of the human spirit and the transcendent energy of really like. Dr. Pendyala enjoys all elements of gastroenterology and hepatology. In addition, at Gastroenterology Consultants we have our personal pathology lab and on-website GI trained pathologist that specializes in the detection and evaluation of gastroenterology illnesses, which presents the benefit of more quickly and larger quality final results.

Aside from common gastroenterology, he is fascinated by the expanding area of enteric bacterial flora and its connection to overall overall health and evolving linkage with certain disease situations. Dr. Pezanoski enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and two daughters exploring all that Nevada has to give. Physicians see a number of individuals in a day, in some cases in 15-minute increments in regions exactly where the physicians are in higher demand.

Dr. Halterman enjoys all aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology.

Critiques can illuminate which medical doctors actively commit the required time with their sufferers and which ones are pressed against the clock to meet demand. With an active interest in the business side of medicine,” Dr. Doyle hopes to add his two cents worth to GIC in this area with a concentrate on sustaining patient care integrity and physician sanity in our swiftly altering health care method.

Outdoors of work, Dr. Pendyala enjoys spending time with family and good friends. He is currently the only pediatric gastroenterologist in Northern Nevada and genuinely enjoys the children and parents that he interacts with daily. Following finishing his GI fellowship, Dr. Pendyala moved to Carson City, NV, to commence his practice with Gastroenterology Consultants in August of 2012. Irrespective of whether you appreciate or hate going to the doctor, the truth is your doctor is there to listen to your health issues, take preventative measures against illnesses and advise you on your options for staying in tip-leading shape.

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In Christian’s personal words, and by means of his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James provides a fresh point of view on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers about the planet. Dr. Gregory moved to Reno in 2004 to join Gastroenterology Consultants, soon after working in both private practice and hospital settings in Southern California and Iowa. Dr. Pezanoski sees individuals and performs outpatient procedures at the Reno-South Meadows location.

Gi Consultants Carson City – For the duration of his coaching, he encountered quite a few brilliant faculty members that sparked his interest and encouraged him to pursue a career in gastroenterology and liver problems.

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