Do You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Court?

Fighting a traffic ticket can be an important assertion of your rights, especially if it’s a ticket that could carry long-term penalties like points against your license. Often, tickets are issued due to a misunderstanding or a misreading of the situation, and challenging them is every American’s right. For those who depend on the ability to drive for their livelihood, the stakes are even higher than for commuters and recreational drivers, so it’s not a big surprise that there are lawyers out there who specialize in traffic law and ticket defense. Do you need one for your ticket, though?

Traffic Court

Commercial Licenses and Tickets

Commercial driving privileges are subject to much more stringent requirements than personal operating licenses, and as a result, it’s a lot easier to lose eligibility. Sometimes, a speeding ticket that would be a simple fine with no points in your personal vehicle winds up being worth a lot of points because you’re on company time. It’s also possible for the wrong ticket on your personal time to do the same thing, so even though a lawyer is not typically viewed as necessary when fighting tickets, you’re taking a big risk if you are trying to defend your driver’s license without one. The potential costs are just too high to ignore, and CDL traffic ticket lawyers have the negotiating experience to find compromises where you might have had to settle for an all or nothing fight. That makes a big difference in the end too, even if you do pay a fine.

Legal Help With Personal Driving Citations

CDL drivers are not the only ones who face the potential loss of a license due to a ticket, it’s just an issue that can affect them more easily because of the increased regulation placed on commercial driving. If you’re facing a fight over a ticket that could affect your driving privileges or access to insurance, it’s worth consulting with an attorney about your options.

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