Common Types of Car Damage

Common Types of Car Damage

An automobile accident is probably what comes to mind when you think of damage to your car, but there are many other ways vehicles can get damaged. Knowing what could damage your car can help you decide what kind of auto insurance to invest in and how to better prepare if damage should occur. Here are the most common types of damage you may have to deal with.


Weather can damage your car in a multitude of different ways. Sun can beat down on it throughout the day and fade the interior or crack leather. Putting your car under a tree seems like a good idea during a storm until a heavy branch breaks and falls on it. Large hail can put hundreds of little dents all across the hood. To find places to repair weather damage, just look up a shop near you for the specific damage you’ve incurred (for example, hail storm repair Lakewood CO).


A scratch can happen because of the littlest accident, like a car door opening into the car parked beside it. Some scratches go deeper than others and may need more extensive repairs. Look for a reliable auto body shop to get those pesky little scratches fixed.


Cracks most often occur in the windshield when a vehicle in front of you kicks up a large rock. You can find shops that specialize in glass repair for cars. Cracks that occur in the frame of the car itself can be more difficult to fix, and you’ll want to go around to several shops gathering quotes on a price before you pick one.


The car frame can get bent after a run in with another car, and it can be a pricey fix. Sometimes the frame can be molded back into shape, but be prepared to buy another part to replace it if necessary.

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