Bet on practice! – modern teaching methods at WSEI

The University of Economics and Computer Science in Krakow was established to shape the staff for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises.  University education is characterized by high quality and modern work techniques, constant improvement of teaching methods, so that they meet the market requirements of employers, focusing on individual development of each student and help in acquiring not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.

We draw inspiration from the best

First of all, the University of Economics and Computer Science distinguishes the implementation of a modular education system.  The American teaching model is an inspiration here.  Most Polish universities offer specialties, but these are rigidly imposed models of education, mainly theoretical.  WSEI was one of the first in Poland to introduce an innovative approach to specialization.

Education at the University of Economics and Computer Science can be compared to building own individual tower from bricks.  Pillars are compulsory subjects, while for the rest of the hours each student creates a learning plan according to their own interests, needs and strengths.  This approach to teaching makes the graduates of WSEI equipped with knowledge that meets the standards of even the most demanding foreign employers.  This is an excellent approach to the modern labor market.

 Labor market open to WSEI students

Today’s labor market is characterized by the dynamics of development and the emergence of new, previously unknown professions.  Thanks to modular education, students are much better prepared for such challenges than graduates of traditional universities.  At the University of Economics and Computer Science, each student can acquire individual skills, eg IT studies can be extended to include psychological or financial subjects.  When recruiting for a position in a large, growing company, such a person will definitely have an advantage because he will bring much more to the working environment.

Practice is the most important!

The University of Economics and Information Technology in Krakow also strongly emphasizes the practical aspect of teaching.  Appropriate theoretical knowledge is very important, but often graduates have a problem to use it properly.  Practical classes at the Krakow WSEI are a great solution to this problem.  Students learn not only to use the knowledge they acquire during theoretical classes, but also learn creativity and innovative problem solving.  The Krakow School of Economics and Information Technology is a guarantee of a solid education and individual approach to each student.  Education at WSEI is a guarantee of success in your future professional life.

Training Videos Can Provide a Better Grasp of Arc Flash Safety Practices

Safety is an important concern in any environment, especially in production facilities and other industrial settings. These facilities utilize electrical equipment and the machinery is often operated on a 24-hour basis, making the potential for an arc flash that much more likely. Taking the time to train your employees about arc flash hazards is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of an accident.

Arc flash safety videos can help your employees see safety practices in action, which will give them a better grasp of the proper procedures. For instance, an arc flash video slow motion display will emphasize the dangers that an arc flash represents. It can also show your employees how to respond in the event that there is an arc flash in their vicinity. Often, people have an easier time understanding concepts, once they see them in a practical setting. Training videos offer that advantage over facts and procedures listed on a printed paper.

pict attributed by

You can find a variety of safety videos that explore the different aspects of arc flash safety. From a generalized overview to videos exploring the hazards represented by machinery of a specific voltage or type, you can ensure your employees are well-informed. They will also learn about the types of personal protective equipment they should use to stay safe, when working on or around these machines.

This material can seem dry, so many videos are intended to be a little light-hearted and entertaining. While this subject concerns serious safety issues, making training videos fun helps viewers to retain more of the information for a longer period of time. As with any learning experience, a more engaging presentation will help to keep attention from drifting as vital information is shared.

Introducing arc flash safety techniques to your employees is easier, when you make use of training videos. As technology advances, safety techniques are also modified, so staying current on new procedures is vital. For this reason, you should review your safety procedures on a regular basis and look for new videos to add to your safety training library. Investing in an arc flash safety training program will help your business stay compliant and operational, but, more importantly, it will reduce the risks of a serious workplace accident.

The Importance of Driving Jobs in the World Today

Firstly, driving jobs are very important in the world today. Many people occupations are considered driving jobs. Driving jobs are also paid a good salary depending on what position you are applying for and the qualifications that are needed to proceed to the job. Many people are in need of transportation in the world to get back and forth to their destination. There are also different types of driving jobs in the world today such as truck driving jobs, cab driving jobs, delivery driving jobs, and shuttle driving jobs. Jobs as a driver of any sort do abound.

Secondly, driving trucks is a very high paid job because they require special training or additional education. You also are required to have your CDL license when considering driving trucks but it all depends on what type of truck you are driving. Some examples of different types of truck jobs are dry van drivers, flatbed drivers, freight haulers, tanker drivers, refrigerated freight drivers, and LTL freight drivers, and local/regional/, OTR drivers. Cab driving jobs is also a good driving job that is used in the world today. A cab driver is paid according to the mileage rate on their meter in the car. Delivery driving jobs is another job that is very popular today. A delivery job is paid by the hour and can receive tips at times. Some examples of delivery driver jobs are pizza delivery jobs, furniture delivery jobs, and catering jobs. Another good driving job is shuttle driving jobs. Shuttle drivers are paid by the hour and are required to have certain qualifications to be hired.

A truck driver is a person who earns a living driving trucks. A cab driver is a professional driver who transports passengers to their chosen destination. A delivery driver is a person who transfer goods from areas of production to personal homes and businesses. A shuttle driver is a person who entails conveying people on a bus, van, or other light vehicle between locations; when it is a bus, the driver can be called a shuttle bus driver.

Lastly, I think a driving job is a very good occupation to succeed in when it comes to helping others and communicating with others. You get a chance to meet other people and to explore the world because you will be doing a lot of traveling from destination to destination. There are quite a lot of driving jobs in the world today because a lot of people don’t have the transportation that is needed to get them back and forth such as to the doctors, stores, work, etc. Driving jobs are also a big help to the elderly because of their illness or they probably don’t have any family members to help them get to where they have to go. After all, if you were to decide on any type of driving jobs, I would reconsider you researching them over the Internet first.

6 Easy Tactics to Improve The Way You Learn


As human beings, we never stop learning. As Albert Einstein famously enunciated: “Once you stop learning, you start dying”.

That’s all well and good, but how can we conjure up ways of keeping engaged with learning in order to improve performance at work, help get that missing professional qualification, excel in your summer school, or even just pass that exam that’s on the horizon at school, college, or university?

The tips below are designed to assist the way you learn, regardless of what stage in life you’re at.

  1. Get (and remain) organised

Whether in full time education, higher education, or you’re simply taking a class as an extracurricular activity, you should ensure you’re adequately prepared for what lies ahead. If you prefer to make notes electronically, ensure you have the necessary equipment sorted in advance; otherwise, make sure to stock up on pens, notepaper, binders, and post-it notes. And don’t forget to keep organised as the course progresses

  1. Prepare thoroughly

It’s never a bad idea to study, at least in part, the curriculum prior to starting your course so that you know what to expect. Do the necessary preparatory work, which may include buying a textbook, sourcing your other work materials, and ensuring you’ve made a note of the dates of your classes, exams, and submission deadlines if applicable.

  1. Be punctual

Try to show up to classes a few minutes ahead of schedule so that you’re ready and raring to go when teaching begins. This helps to ensure you’re not playing catch up from the get-go, and you won’t miss any key bits of information for your notes. On which note…

  1. Take useful notes

Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people are able to take copious amounts of notes while still listening actively; others need to sit there and take it all in and pick up the key points in notes afterwards. Whatever your preference, always try to ensure that you take the notes you feel you’ll need to do well in your assessments. To keep up the good habit, you should take time to go over your notes from your previous class prior to your next one. This helps to ensure that you retain the pertinent information.

  1. If in doubt, ask

Most teachers and facilitators will say – and in most cases, they genuinely mean it – that “there are no silly questions”. Take this on board, and make the most of the expertise of the person teaching the class and ask questions of their interpretation of things. If anything, their opinion of you will be more positive if you ask questions as they’ll see it as a sign of an active and enquiring mind. More importantly, if you need clarification on a point, it’s always better to ask than to assume.

  1. Enjoy and engage

Above all, try to enjoy your experience, to get along with your classmates, and engage with the learning material. This will make the process go a lot faster and may even make it all seem easier!

Setting up Your Own Online Store Easily

Setting up Your Own Online Store Easily

If you want to sell your product or your service in easy ways, you can start to set up your own online store right now. Starting an online store has advantages over having physical store; because you don’t need to pay rent and you can reach global customers from the comfort of your own home. However, I recommend you to plan properly to ensure that you are creating proper online store. To properly creating successful online store, you will need to have great product and consultant  like amazon optimization consultant, a user friendly website and also a solid marketing plan. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to create your own online store easily.

The first step is making sure to develop your product and business plan. You will need to determine what kind of product you want to sell and get product recommendation, make sure that your product are great and the value are higher than the competitor. Make sure that you are planning about how to store your product and how to shipping your product, you may also need to plan about ecommerce sales increase. Then, make sure to provide some times to develop a detailed business plan and also register your business according to your state’s law. You might need to fill out necessary legal and tax paperwork.

The next step is building your own online store. You will need to register a domain name, make sure to choose name that are short, catchy and easy to remember. Make sure that the domain name is unique and no one uses it. Then, you will need to choose the right web hosting services, this way; you are setting up your online store for home. Make sure that you are choosing the reliable web hosting. Then, you also need to design your website properly and set up any element such as shopping car, abandoned cart and many others.

In this global era, everyone are depending their business on online marketing. The soul of online marketing, search engine are continously improved and evolve for better searching experience. This lead into competitiveness of the marketers and cause them to improve to skills to keep up. One of the best way to improve the marketer skills and gains follower are using SEO. SEO are also cost 61 percent less than other way to gain followers and visitor. SEO is also viable choice because it provide better return on investment up to 14.6 percent while other way such as direct mail or print advertising only has 1.7 percent close rate.

Especially if you are trying to sell your product throught Amazone, you will need proper SEO strategy that will make you stand out of competition on Amazone. Amazone is the best way to sell anything and making money for almost anything. However, since amazone is reliable and popular, there are many competition you need to beat and ensure that your product become the one that sells. You might need  to help you build the best SEO tactics.