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Making financing strategies for consumers in the context of merger and acquisition activity and public market restructurings permitted him to create vital strategic vision and the capacity to look at a lot beyond what a corporation does and what market place it competes in. Mr. Kane left Morgan Stanley for the duration of 1992 to start a consulting practice focusing on business technique, corporate development, and strategic sourcing.

Acquis is a growing consulting firm. Google automatically detects your computer’s place using its IP address , Place History (if it really is turned on), and recent areas you’ve searched for. He will oversee the expansion of Acquis Consulting Group’s offerings in the region of meetings management. Acquis is a boutique management consulting firm based in New York City that specializes in global meetings management approach and implementation.

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Acquis is proud to be recognized as a major management consulting firm. Prior to launching his own firm, Avish was director, meetings consulting, at American Express Meetings & Events. I targeted Acquis quite intentionally based on its common appearances in Consulting Magazine’s Greatest Smaller Firms to Operate For. Acquis has helped various corporations navigate by way of travel, expense, and invoice system implementations and understands the concerns and discomfort-points that frequently arise.

Our group of seasoned Digital & Consumer Strategy pros perform with clients globally in deploying top digital methods, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative digital options, with a concentrated and singular focus on the customer. Acquis is a consulting firm specializing in approach and implementation. Acquis implementation consultants lead the project management, requirements gathering, design, configuration, testing, change management, and stakeholder management solutions required to implement the chosen technology solutions for your firm.

Acquis is proud to be recognized as a leading management consulting firm.

Acquis consultants fit into one particular of three categories – People who’ve been there for ten years or additional considering that they graduated and don’t know genuine consulting since Acquis is all they’ve seen, dropouts from huge consulting organizations who could not make it there, some clever persons who join and understand the error they’ve made and leave immediately, or remain for a year or two as a break ahead of moving on.

To be fair, it is a consulting corporation, and the function is not often glamorous and there is an emphasis on utilization – but Acquis delivers a wide variety of techniques to show growth. David’s vision has shaped Acquis into a firm consultants want to work for and consumers want to operate with. I helped lead the phenomenal development of an additional small consulting firm primarily based in DC (15 FTE to 180 FTE in three years), and I wanted to do so once more in New York.

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Are you up to the challenge?Acquis’s Digital Transformation & Consumer Approach practice assists customers ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 businesses in rethinking their approach to servicing buyers and finish-customers, and in transforming their companies into customer-centric, digitally mature organizations that meet their customers’ demands. We give company contacts in any firm at any department and across any industry.

The information only indicates the quantity of applications filed by Acquis Consulting Group, Llc. Search our vast database of enterprise facts to locate information and facts on any company in any business vertical. I interviewed at Acquis Consulting Group (New York, NY (US)) in November-2011. As a smaller consulting business (<100 people)="" the="" opportunities="" aren't="" as="" numerous="" as="" you="" see="" at="" the="" larger="" firms.="" a="" philadelphia="" based="" mobile="" wireless="" technologies="" company="" and="" in="" an="" advisory="" capacity="" to="" the="" executive="" management="" team="" of="" various="" companies="" such="" as="" first="" juice,="">

Acquis Consulting Group – I helped lead the phenomenal growth of one more smaller consulting firm primarily based in DC (15 FTE to 180 FTE in 3 years), and I wanted to do so again in New York.

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