4 Reasons to Think Twice About That Trade in

Trade in

For many people, one of the hard parts about buying a new vehicle is all of the negotiating. Often, one of the most challenging things is when you start to discuss your trade-in.  You haggle over the price, and sometimes you leave the table feeling like you got the low end of the bargain. Of course, everyone trades in their vehicle, right? Rest assured; you do have other options if you’re not comfortable with the dealer’s offer. Here are a few things you might consider doing.

Sell It Privately

Is your older car or truck still in great shape? Consider selling it yourself. Plenty of new drivers would love to make your old car their first car. They get reliable, but less expensive, transportation. You can likely get them to pay an amount that is more than the dealership offered to you.

Donate It to Charity

Plenty of non-profit organizations would love to have your older car. Find a cause you care about.  No matter its condition, they can turn your unwanted vehicle into cash for them. This can then give you a great deduction at tax time.

Sell It for Parts

Sometimes your used vehicle can actually be worth far more when it is sold for its individual parts. Mechanics are nearly always looking for used car or used truck body parts to finish repairs on older model vehicles.

Keep It To Have a Spare Vehicle

You may want to consider keeping your car or truck so you have a spare. Do you have some errands to run that might be a little messier than normal? Your shiny new car can stay safely at home while the older one does all the dirty work. Also, even a new vehicle can develop problems. Keeping your older one, just in case, could work out in your favor anytime your new one is out of commission.

So, the next time you are ready to get a new car, consider these possibilities in addition to trading the old one in.

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