3 Benefits of Compressed Air Systems

While natural gas, electricity and water are well-known forms of generating power, compressed air is actually just as common in manufacturing. Here are three benefits of compressed air systems.

Compressed Air Systems

1. Safety

Since compressed air is so common in industrial settings, there are many standards and guidelines surrounding its use. Tools that are powered by compressed air tend to be lighter and easier to handle than similar tools powered by other sources of energy. Additionally, compressed air is a safer energy source to leverage when electricity or natural gas might interfere with equipment or have the potential to create hazards such as fire or explosions.

2. Versatility

One of the best things about these systems is their adaptability. Someone using a compressed air system Jacksonville FL will be able to use it for wildly different applications than someone in Denver, CO, but both systems will operate by the same basic principles. Additionally, since compressed air tends to be generated onsite, you have more control over it than you do electricity or natural gas. It’s clean, easy to store and can be utilized when other forms of energy might be too dangerous or volatile to use.

3. Cost Efficiency

While it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to maximize the cost efficiency of compressed air, it gets easier once you know some of the common issues. Many of these issues are relatively simple to fix or avoid. You can periodically check for leaks, blocked drains and clogged filters, replacing them before or as soon as they’re compromised. You can also find ways to divert the heat compressed air generates, for example, to heat water.

Compressed air is a safe, versatile form of power generation. It’s also relatively easy to figure out where you might be losing money or efficiency and fixing those issues to improve savings and energy use.

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